I began researching and publishing information about Tara Hall many months ago and it seems that I have only just reached 1912. While I intend to finish my research, I need a break and a new topic, so, having been inspired by the website of the Collingwood Historical Society and by the City of Boroondara Local History Wiki, I’ve decided to switch tack and begin a series on the hotels of Kew. Luckily there were only ever eight of them.

The first will be the Clifton Hotel, now known as the Hotel Kew. Before I begin, a word of warning. Because I am very dependent on the Internet, and the newspapers that are digitised on the National Library of Australia’s Trove website for research, my data tends to be cut off around the middle of the twentieth century. Secondly, I hate publishing data in tables as they don’t render well in HTML, so while I have lots of data about the licensees from different sources, I won’t publish it online.